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Return Policy

Please read this section carefully

Your return request will be processed as shown:

i) General

Our return policy is applicable to goods purchased from the IGG Store. To apply for a return, the Buyer must contact the Store’s Customer Support, and provide proof of purchase and the reason(s) for the request.

ii) Conditions

1. Buyers must check the delivered package carefully before acknowledging it. Buyers should check the package's goods and list of contents in the presence of the delivery courier. If something is wrong with the order (e.g. item(s) are wrong or damaged, etc.), Buyer should either refuse the delivery, or contact Customer Support in the presence of the courier. Upon acknowledging your package, any issues with the product thereafter will be attributed to you.

2. Pictures and information on the Store are solely for reference. Products' actual shape, size, color, and other aspects may vary within normal manufacturing standards. Buyers should consider these carefully before purchasing, as these reasons are not acceptable grounds for return.

3. Buyer must return all items (including accessories and gifts, if any) in their order in the original packaging together with the invoice. Activation codes must be returned unused. Incomplete returns will be rejected.

4. Buyer must submit a copy of the waybill to Customer Support.

5. The return request must be applied within 7 days from the date the goods were received. Buyer must ship their package within 7 days of acknowledging application approval.

6. Certain items cannot be returned.

7. You may only apply for a refund once per order, and each return package may only contain items from a single order, or it will be rejected. If your order contains more than one package, please wait for all packages to be delivered and inspect them before requesting a return. To protect your consumer rights, we recommend considering all costs that you may incur before requesting a return. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

8. If you purchased any virtual products but have yet to receive them, please contact our customer support team, and provide all relevant details for further investigation.

9. IGG reserves the right to the final interpretation of the return policy.

iii) Disclaimer of Liability

Returns cannot be made in any of the following situations:

1. Merchandise is not sold via the Store.

2. Goods exceed the valid return period.

3. Unauthorized modifications not limited to repairs, misuse, mishandling, improper installation, and alterations to the original goods, packaging, and labels.

4. Incomplete or modified products, accessories, and packagings.

5. Goods with destroyed packaging not related to product quality reasons, and Used goods.

6. Virtual products and any physical products that are labeled as non-returnable.

7. Goods which cannot be lawfully returned.

iv) Fees

1. If the return of a product is necessary (due to IGG Store's negligence), please send the product back to us in accordance with our return shipping procedures. All related fees incurred shall be borne by IGG Store. (Note: The cost of return shipping shall not exceed the original shipping fee paid.)

2. The Buyer bears shipping fees when returning goods to the Store. Upon receipt of Buyer’s package, the goods will be inspected to verify whether they meet the conditions for return. Once the conditions are met, the Store will contact the Buyer within 3 days with a confirmation, and will complete Buyer’s return request as soon as possible. Please do not send C.O.D (Cash-on-Delivery) packages. We will not accept any C.O.D packages.

3. When the return application is approved, Customer Support will contact the Buyer (via email or the contact number provided in Buyer’s Store account) to confirm their mailing address. Buyer should contact Customer Support if their mailing address has changed.

v) Customer Support

1. Live Support

Click [Live Support] at the bottom of the IGG Store main page to contact our Customer Support team.

2. Submit Online Query

Click [Submit Query] at the bottom of the IGG Store main page to submit a query ticket.

3. Email Customer Support

Contact us directly via our Customer Support email address: help.store@igg.com