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Price : US$10.00
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  • 367***9
    2018-08-21 01:01
  • 466***76
    2018-03-03 20:05
    nice, make me think of paradise when work gets to be too crazy!
  • 526***505
    2018-02-21 16:35
    I love these bags... I love that since it it plain I have the option to paint on it and create my own design. I love that I can wash it in the washer machine. It made with great strong material that I m happy to buy 3. I use one for groceries, one I have it in the car with all my kids things that they need when we go out ex. Diapers wipes light pair of clothing. It all fits in there very comfortably. And the last one I gave it to my mom because she had to take my dad to the hospital and it was very easy for her to carry the things she need in there.
  • 203***80
    2018-02-18 16:20
    Just the size I wanted, nice feeling material, seemed quite strong. I put them in the washing machine on cold and when I took them out to hang dry them,suprised the bags r so good.
  • 224***7
    2018-02-19 14:15
    I specifically bought bags made of canvas material so I would be able to throw them in the washing machine after each trip to the grocery store to prevent us getting any kind of cross-contamination or food-borne illnesses from produce and meats. When I took these out of the box, they were great.