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Voucher Usage FAQ

I. Types of Vouchers

1. Gift Voucher: Allows for the free redemption of the product specified on the voucher from the IGG Store. Free shipping included.

2. Shipping Voucher: Redeem to obtain discounted shipping on any orders from the IGG Store.

3. Discount Voucher: Provides a partial discount on orders made on the IGG Store.

4. Value Voucher: Provides a flat value discount on orders made on the IGG Store. Total price of your order (excluding taxes) must be larger than the amount discounted.


II. Basic Guidelines to Using Vouchers

1. Vouchers can only be used on regularly-priced items (non tax-inclusive) on the IGG Store.

2. The types of vouchers currently available are Gift Vouchers, Shipping Vouchers, Discount Vouchers, and Value Vouchers.

3. Vouchers are available from events, sales, and promotions in IGG games or on the IGG Store.

4. Each voucher can only be used in a single transaction, and is not valid during a sale or in conjunction with any other special promotion. The IGG Store will refund valid vouchers applied to any orders canceled before and after payment (typically within an hour after cancellation).

5. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be resold or exchanged.

6. Vouchers must be used within their validity periods. Vouchers will be considered invalid if not used within their validity periods.

7. Some vouchers come with redemption limits and can only be redeemed a maximum number of times. 

8. Use of a voucher is subject to the terms and conditions as outlined by the IGG Store in compliance with each country’s applicable laws and regulations.


III. How to Use Vouchers

Log in to your personal account on the IGG Store, enter and claim your voucher code under "My Vouchers".