Understanding Our Services

After Sales Service

Return Procedure

1. Read the return policy carefully to determine whether the order meets the conditions for the procedure.

2. Submit return request to our Customer Support team, providing proof of purchase and the reason(s) for the request.

3. Customer Support will verify the request for eligibility.

4. You'll receive a mail notification from IGG Store once your refund request has been approved. Please deliver the product you would like to return, along with all items contained within the original product packaging, within 7 days. Then click the link provided in the email to update the shipping details and a photo of the delivery label. IGG Store shall not be held responsible if your return request is rejected due to late submission of relevant documents.

5. Upon receipt of the package, the goods will be inspected to verify whether they meet the conditions for return.

6. Once the conditions have been met, the Store will complete the return request as soon as possible.